Dr. Koryu Muramatsu


Dr. Koryu Muramatsu is the headmaster of the Myofu-An Kobujutsu Kenkyu-kai.

In 1972, after many years training with various teachers and participating in several “matches” in surrounding countries, Dr. Muramatsu met Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Headmaster of the Bujinkan Dojo. After decades of training in the Bujinkan, he rose to become one of the senior students of Hatsumi Sensei. He then formed his research society / dojo and continues to teach and train in both Okinawan Karate and Nihonden Bujutsu.

Dr. Muramatsu also practices Chinese Medicine at his clinic, Myofu-An Seitai-in, where he utilizes Seikottsu bone-setting, Seitai manual therapy, and Reflexology.

“Bujutsu is a method for the continuation of life, the protection of that which is important, and for a proper, balanced spiritual perspective” – Muramatsu-Shihan